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Spiced Date Energy Balls

AKA Date Laddos 🥰

If you grew up around Indian people, you know that we have a lot of festivals. Indians love to celebrate and most of our holidays are focused around food and spirituality. Of course food is a common theme for most cultures. However, between the Indian and American holidays, I get overwhelmed with the amount of sugar during the Fall season.

I make these energy balls every Diwali and it is a hit. If you are like me, and have a hard time with sugary foods in the Fall, try this recipe and I guarantee you will make these all the time. They also work as a fantastic post-workout snack.

Makes 15-16 Ladoos


1/2 C of Mixed Raw Unsalted Nuts*

1 1/2 C of Dates (pits removed)

1/4 Tsp of Cardamom powder

1/4 Tsp of Cinnamon powder

1/4 Tsp of Ginger powder

2 Tsp of Rose water

Optional Toppings

Cocoa powder

Freshly Grated Coconut

Chocolate Glaze

  • On low to medium flame, add the nuts and toast them for a few mins. You want to release the aroma but you do not want to brown them.

  • Add the nuts, spices, rose water, and pitted dates to a food processor and mix everything until well combined.

  • In a mixing bowl, add the nut/date mixture and knead everything into a ball using clean hands.

  • Use a Tbs to scoop out the dough and roll into individual balls.

  • Optional: You can coat these in cocoa powder, fresh coconut or a chocolate glaze for an extra yum factor. If you use the chocolate glaze, make sure to let it cool down for 30-45 minutes before eating.

  • Store these in an airtight container. Keep them in the fridge after a couple of days. I would consume the coconut covered ones within a week as the recipe calls for fresh coconut.


* You can use any combination of nuts. I have used a combination of almonds, cashews, pistachios, hazelnuts, and walnuts. all combinations work great. Make sure they are raw and unflavored nuts.

If you make these energy balls, make sure to take a picture and tag me on Instagram.

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